I recently updated my own living room and I have thought it through very carefully.  Fundamentally, I decided what I wanted to keep and what I wanted to renew to help get the look and style I wanted.  Along with, of course, considering my budget.

I mentally, ran through all the questions that both Lynn and I ask our clients and I want to share 3 of them with you for when you’re considering making over any of your rooms:

1. What will you be using the room for?

2.  What’s the main colour you’re considering in the room?

3.  How do you want to feel when you’re in the room?

Although, all the questions are important, it’s the third question that’s the one closest to our hearts,  “how do you want to feel when you’re in the room?”, which by the way the was the one and only question I actually asked my hubby (I can normally manage to persuade him to go along with my ideas as long as it ultimately ‘feels’ right and does what it ‘needs’ to do).

If you’d like us to consider your feelings and needs and translate them into relevant style and colour, do give us a call – we’ll help you ‘bring your vision to reality’.

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