A Room For All Seasons – Winter

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 I have a personal passion for using colour effectively in a room . . .

 Angela Wright (colour psychologist) would say “Colour is energy and has a physical affect on our behaviour and mood”.

 Have you ever wondered why you start moving things around in a room, feeling something’s not quite right?   You start tweaking here and there, moving furniture, changing things and buying things, hoping things will start to look better, but it still doesn’t achieve what you’re looking to create.

 Quite often it’s actually the colours that are not working and no amount of tweaking and moving is the answer you’re looking for?  So consider this . . . . colours are grouped into 4 different colour sets.  To make it easier to relate to the colours in each set the groups are referred to as spring, summer, autumn and winter.  

 My starting point is the winter palette, especially since it’s the season we’re currently experiencing.

 Winter is a dramatic and minimalistic season - think ice, think blue-based colours, think black and white, think silver-grey, think charcoal and think navy and you’ll be thinking of a winter palette.  Then, consider adding splashes of colours like pillar-box red, royal blue, jade green and even shocking pink to achieve a contrast.

 If you think about it, popular colours for winter and Christmas are white and pillar-box red  . . . this didn’t happen by accident – colour psychology played its part?

 I’m not suggesting that you change your room or colours every season.  My passion is to help you with your colour selection, to ensure you choose the colours that work for you and create the effect you’re looking for, achieving harmony and also saving you money by eliminating expensive mistakes.



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 Coming soon – watch out for spring . . . . !

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