A Room For All Seasons – Summer

Summer Large

Continuing our theme of ‘a room for all seasons’ we’re now focusing on Summer and hopefully looking forward to a long, hot, sunny one  . . .

Following on from the lively, light, cheerful and freshness of the Spring we’re moving into the muted and hazy colours of Summer.

Think of a hot Summer’s day . . . granted this could take a bit of visualising in some parts of England.  Imagine you’re looking at your garden through a heat haze as the sun shines down, colours are light, delicate and very hazy.  Subtlety and understated elegance are the key words that describe the Summer colours.

The colours are cool, calm, blue-based such as shell pink, sage green, powder blue, lavender, mauve and maroon.  There’s a large element of grey in summer colours.  As grey continues to be the ‘neutral’ for 2014 try adding lavender, mauve and taupe to a mid-grey to obtain a truly Summer colour look and feel. Making a room that invites you in after a long, hot summer day eating ‘al fresco’ and drinking homemade lemonade.

Summer Small

 Maybe the warm yellow colours of Autumn appeal to you more . . . find out in September in our next in the series of a Room for All Seasons . . .

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