A Room For All Seasons – Spring


Spring is already upon us and as I said previously, I’m passionate about the effect colour has on our mood and behaviour, so after the dark winter months it’s nice to present the ‘Spring colour palette’.  As the Spring look promotes, liveliness, simplicity and light, maybe you would like to brighten up one of your rooms with ‘this look’?

You just need to take a look outside to see that Spring is the time of fresh growth, the colours are bright, cheerful, warm, yellow-based colours (though not too yellow as this is reserved for a later colour palette).  See the Spring flowers and you begin to see colours like sunshine yellow, violet, lilac, emerald green and turquoise.


The 2014  trends are the colours ‘purple/berry’ and if you want to use this within the Spring palette then violet and lilac would be the colours to use.  The neutral colour for 2014 is grey.  Using the correct ‘shade’ of grey (eg warm and light) or a cream you can build on this trend by also using a shade of ‘purple/berry’.  So, by selecting violet or lilac, you’ll give your room a Spring look whilst still keeping it light, bright and in trend.

Are the ‘Spring’ colours your favourite or are you a Summer person – it’s coming soon …?!


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